Ms. Laura Panades contributes a book chapter to “Tax Law in Times of Crisis and Recovery”

Laura Panades, LLM Course Leader and Lecturer, has published a book chapter in ‘Tax Law in Times of Crisis and Recovery’.  This book is relevant because it identifies lessons learned on how States reappraise their public finances during crises. This is an edited book by three top University of Cambridge educators:  Dr de Cogan, Dr Brassey and Prof Harris. Hart Publishing, the publisher, is a market leader in legal studies and a powerhouse for legal thought.

“Counting doubloons. A critical assessment of how Caribbean British Overseas Territories are funding the COVID-19 response” is Panades-Estruch’s chapter. The chapter analyses the public finance responses of Caribbean British Overseas Territories to COVID-19. Cayman, like the majority of countries worldwide, had to put its economy on standby and deal with a major loss of public revenue. Cayman developed the best and most comprehensive response across the Caribbean BOTs. Our country developed a multi-pronged strategy involved cash reserves, public debt and a commercial line of credit. This ensured readiness, resilience and risk diversification.

Mr. Mitchell Davies, Law School Director, said: “Laura’s excellent book chapter in the much anticipated work: ‘Tax Law in Times of Crisis and Recovery’, published by Hart Publishing provides a comprehensive analysis of the public finance responses of Caribbean Overseas Territories to the challenges presented by Covid-19, with a ringing endorsement of the response of the Cayman Islands Government.   Congratulations are due to Laura for once again being at the forefront of the debate on the management of public finances by the Caribbean BOT’s.” 

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