Mr. Andrew Perkins contributes a chapter to “Elgar Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets Law”

We are delighted to announce our Assistant Director Andrew Perkins inclusion in the recently published Elgar Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets Law edited by Iris H.-Y. Chiu, Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation, University College London and Iain G. MacNeil, Alexander Stone Professor of Commercial Law, University of Glasgow.

Andrew’s chapter entitled Regulating Market Abuse : an Offshore Perspective explores the differences within market abuse regulation from an offshore perspective by charting the development of offshore capital markets and establishing core benchmarking standards from Market Abuse Regulations against which their efficacy can be judged. The Chapter then discusses the regulation of market abuse in the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, and Guernsey before going onto make recommendations to ensure that market integrity can be maintained in offshore jurisdictions who trade in sophisticated financial instruments.

Mr. Mitchell Davies, Law School Director, said: “My congratulations to Andrew in his contribution to the imminent publication of this important work which continues his research in the area of market abuse regulation in Offshore Centres, in particular the Cayman Islands.”

Further information can be found at and Andrew can be contacted on


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