Deputy Director authors article on new development in the law of trusts

Scott Atkins, Deputy Director of the Truman Bodden Law School, has just had a short article published in the peer-reviewed Oxford University Press journal Trusts & Trustees, in which he comments on the recent English decision of Solomon v McCarthy.

Scott said, ‘The decision of the English court concerned a novel point in the law of Trusts over whether a particular trust of land had to be evidenced in writing. The case concerned whether a recognized exception to that principle could be extended to a new situation; the court held it could not. Given the importance of this case, I felt it worthy of comment and was pleased when the renowned Trusts & Trustees journal accepted it for publication.’

Mitchell Davies, Director of the Truman Bodden Law School, said, ‘I am delighted that Scott’s article was published and it shows the contribution that the staff of the Law School continue to make to the understanding of both English and Caymanian Law.’


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