Panades features research on British Overseas Territories in journal

TRUMAN BODDEN LAW SCHOOL LLM Course Leader Laura Panades’ research is in the spotlight.

The European PPP Law Review journal has published her paper on competition in British Overseas Territories.

Her research shows how to make public contracting more competitive.

Competition is a force for good. It dispels corruption and encourages local businesses to innovate. This makes sure that Cayman’s public money is well spent.

The study looks at publicity of laws, accessibility of open tenders, publication of contract awards, local economic preferences and ethics in Government.

The Cayman Islands scores best. The sample also includes Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

This publication underwent a double-blind peer review.

An earlier version of this research was featured in the ‘Public Procurement: Global Revolution’ Conference. This is the leading event in the field. It took place at the University of Nottingham in June 2019.

Findings feed into the LLM in International Finance. The programme hosts a module on the Law of Public-Private Partnerships. In this course, students learn how Governments worldwide contract goods, works and services from the private sector.

Laura Panades, LLM course leader and author of the research, said:

“This new publication engages with Cayman and its sister nations of the British Overseas Territories.

“This conversation will lead to improvements all across the Caribbean region.”

Mitchell Davies, Law School Director, said:

“This publication strengthens the research profile of the Truman Bodden Law School.

“Laura’s research provides a further opportunity for TBLS students to access first hand, cutting edge, internationally leading research.”


Laura Panades:

Tel: 945 00 77 (ext. 229)


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