Mr. Bromby gives conference paper to the ACLI annual law clinic and conference

Michael Bromby gave a conference paper to the American-Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI) at their 2021 annual law clinic and conference.

The conference theme was “Managing Social Crisis While Delivering Justice Through Law, Technology & Teaching: A Look Ahead”.

Michael’s paper, entitled “The new normal: But what was normal to begin with?”, focused on the Covid and post-Covid effects on legal education in the Cayman Islands for both the student body and the teaching staff.

Screenshot of Michael’s Zoom presentation

Concepts of normal, the new normal and the cost/benefit analysis of how higher education institutions have reacted to social crises were explored in today’s pandemic and in comparison to other forms of economic turn-down or natural disasters, which have led to enrolment resurgence as well as changes to the delivery of education.

Agenda of the conference and law clinic can be downloaded here:


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