Mr. Perkins contributes a chapter to the book entitled “Making And Changing Law in Small Jurisdictions”

Truman Bodden Law School is delighted to announce Assistant Director Andrew Perkins inclusion in Making And Changing Law in Small Jurisdictions. The text is edited by Dr Caroline Morris, Director of the Centre For Small States at Queen Mary University Of London. This collection of essays explores law reform and law drafting in small jurisdictions through the themes of sovereignty; the impact of colonialism and legal plurality; the challenges of harmonising laws at regional and international levels; and constitutional reform.

Mr Perkins chapter entitled The Long Road To A Beneficial Ownership Regime In The Cayman Islands explores the Cayman Islands challenges in the implementation of its beneficial ownership regime. The Chapter firstly, outlines the international imperative for beneficial ownership standards and the implementation expected of states who wish to compete without sanction on the international financial markets. Secondly, charts the Cayman Islands journey to realizing those international norms. Thirdly,  reaches conclusions as to the efforts of the Cayman Islands to implement a beneficial ownership regime in compliance with international standards and to evaluate the further enhancements to the regime. Mr Perkins seeks to demonstrate that whilst the Cayman Islands may have had a challenging journey in realising a beneficial ownership norms, the lessons the jurisdiction learned on the journey to implementation have ensured that there is now a sophisticated regime in place representing compliance standards far more advanced than many G7 nations.

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