Panades unlocks Caymanian legal history in international conference

LLM Course Leader and Lecturer Laura Panades presented her ongoing research on the legal history of Cayman.

Her conference talk, ‘Learning the ropes: a critical understanding on the foundations of offshore financial jurisdictions’, considered Cayman’s recent legal history.

Cayman’s decision to become an offshore financial centre in the 1960s changed our country’s course.

Declassified documents from the Cayman Islands National Archives can now help us tell the full story.

Thanks to those documents, Panadès is exploring the role of the UK-Cayman relationship in the years surrounding Jamaica’s independence.

The talk took place within the conference ‘Legal histories, local histories’, covering worldwide topics of legal history.

The Open University, the pioneer University for remote study in the UK, hosted this conference on 15-16 November 2023.

Dr Caroline Derry, Senior Lecturer at the Open University, was the conference convenor.

Speakers in Panadès’ conference panel covered the role of Governance and Finance in shaping legal history.


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