University of Cambridge invites Ms Panades to talk about overseas territories

The University of Cambridge hosted a talk about British Overseas Territories.

Ms Panades was the guest speaker.

The talk covered the past, present and current challenges of British Overseas Territories from a legal perspective.

The talk took place at Clare Hall College, where Ms Panades is currently a PhD candidate under suspension.

Current and former College Presidents, Professors Alan Short and David Ibbetson, were among the audience.

Further distinguished guests of the talk included representatives from US and UK Law Schools, and HM Treasury.

Clare Hall was founded as a centre for advanced research by Senior Members of Clare College.

Clare Hall is distinctive because it does not allow high tables: high level academics, staff and students sit together in College events.

Ms Panades is grateful to the Portfolio of Legal Affairs and the wider civil service for allowing her to conduct a cycle of talks and interviews in the UK.

She is a specialist on Caribbean British Overseas Territories public finance and welcomes any opportunities for public engagement.

 Ms Panades has said:

‘This talk has helped me understand the main questions in my field and spurred further research opportunities.’

‘As a professional researcher, I am devoted to work to solve the questions fundamental to improve Cayman’s future.’


Laura Panades



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