Ms Panades brings declassified documents on Caymanian history to the spotlight in leading conference

Ms Panades was invited to the prestigious Society of Legal Scholars annual conference to present her latest research.

This research brings recently declassified documents to the spotlight.

In ‘Learning the ropes – A critical understanding on the foundations of offshore financial jurisdictions’, Ms Panades’ demonstrates that Cayman, the UK and the international community contributed to Cayman’s decision to become an offshore financial centre.

Ms Panades’ research advances scholarly literature, which had only focused on Cayman.

This research is essential because it improves our understanding of Caymanian history.

Her talk received good feedback and spurred debate among scholars in the banking and finance law section.

This year, TBLS partner Oxford Brookes University hosted the conference.

Ms Panades is very grateful to the Cayman Islands National Archives for enabling the community to access valuable documents on Cayman’s history.

Ms Panades is grateful to the Portfolio of Legal Affairs for sponsoring her attendance to the conference. This is evidence of the Cayman Islands Government’s commitment to push forward Caymanian scholarship.


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