Mr. Perkins contributes chapter to ATINER legal anthology

Mr. Andrew Perkins essay ‘The Legal and Economic Questions posed by the German Constitutional Court’s decision in the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP) Case’ which appeared in Volume 7 of the Athens Law Journal in 2021 has been republished in A Contemporary Anthology Of Law edited by Emeritus Professor David A Frenkel. The published essays are revised versions and selected after a process of blind-review on the basis of the reviewers’ comments and the essays contribution to the ongoing discussion of the respective issues.

Mr. Perkins contribution explores the PSPP decision of the German Constitutional Court and its effect on the monetary policy decisions taken by central banks. He starts by exploring the decision and its effect in Germany, together with its wider implications for the European Monetary Union, before moving onto consider the standard of review that should be applied by the Courts when they are required to review central banks actions. The author’s conclusions show that any standard of review should be limited because of the unique economic and political circumstances in which central bank decision-making takes place.

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