Mr. Perkins contributes chapter to ATINER legal anthology

Mr. Andrew Perkins essay ‘The Legal and Economic Questions posed by the German Constitutional Court’s decision in the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP) Case’ which appeared in Volume 7 of the Athens Law Journal in 2021 has been republished in A Contemporary Anthology Of Law edited by Emeritus Professor David A Frenkel. The published essays are revised versions and selected after a process of blind-review on the basis of the reviewers’ comments and the essays contribution to the ongoing discussion of the respective issues.

Mr. Perkins contribution explores the PSPP decision of the German Constitutional Court and its effect on the monetary policy decisions taken by central banks. He starts by exploring the decision and its effect in Germany, together with its wider implications for the European Monetary Union, before moving onto consider the standard of review that should be applied by the Courts when they are required to review central banks actions. The author’s conclusions show that any standard of review should be limited because of the unique economic and political circumstances in which central bank decision-making takes place.

Preview book HERE.

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Ms. Panadès increases TBLS’ presence in the Caribbean region in careers event

LLM Course Leader Laura Panadès introduced TBLS in the ‘Life After LLB’ careers series for the University of the West Indies, in Cave Hill.

Students in attendance expected careers’ advice and information about study options available for successful LLB graduates.

TBLS’ LLM in International Finance took the spotlight. These studies, offered as postgraduate diploma and full master of laws, broaden minds and career options for its graduates.

Miss Panades discussed our Law School’s unique community and student-centric approach, the LLM degree and what to expect from life as a TBLS student.

Prospective students showed great interest in the wide range of professional opportunities that can open up for successful LLM graduates.

The Cave Hill Law Society organised the event, led by Meagan Sanchez, the third-year Law Student representative.

Miss Panades’ participation took place online only via Zoom, in compliance with current Government travel restrictions.


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Mr. Bromby gives conference paper to the ACLI annual law clinic and conference

Michael Bromby gave a conference paper to the American-Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI) at their 2021 annual law clinic and conference.

The conference theme was “Managing Social Crisis While Delivering Justice Through Law, Technology & Teaching: A Look Ahead”.

Michael’s paper, entitled “The new normal: But what was normal to begin with?”, focused on the Covid and post-Covid effects on legal education in the Cayman Islands for both the student body and the teaching staff.

Screenshot of Michael’s Zoom presentation

Concepts of normal, the new normal and the cost/benefit analysis of how higher education institutions have reacted to social crises were explored in today’s pandemic and in comparison to other forms of economic turn-down or natural disasters, which have led to enrolment resurgence as well as changes to the delivery of education.

Agenda of the conference and law clinic can be downloaded here:


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