Ms. Panades, law lecturer, named peer reviewer of a leading Hong Kong journal

The Public Administration and Policy journal has recognised Ms. Panades as peer reviewer.

This recognition follows her publication of a comparative study on public procurement of transport infrastructure in the Caribbean.

This is a leading Hong Kong-based publication associated to top Universities in Asia.

Law school lecturer publishes research on European Parliament work experience

TRUMAN BODDEN LAW SCHOOL LLM Course Leader Laura Panades’ research on European institutions has been published in the Croatian International Relations Review.

Ms. Panades’ published article presents a critical account on data collection methods drawing from her past work experience at the European Parliament, before joining TBLS.

She worked in the European Parliament as a Schuman trainee in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Unit from October 2014 to February 2015. This was a very valuable, enriching experience and developed the fieldwork of her doctoral dissertation, which she is completing at the University of Cambridge.

This publication comes as a result of a thorough review process and a double blind peer review.

An early version of these findings was presented at the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council ‘Bridging the gap: Integrating theory and practice in the economic and social sciences’ conference on 15 April 2015 at the University of Cambridge.

Ms. Panades’ expertise will feed into her teaching of European Union Law at the Law School, where she advises students on how to access EU training opportunities.

Laura Panades, LLM course leader and author of the research, said:

“This article is a critical account of my work experience at the European Parliament and serves as a case study for my doctoral fieldwork.

“I continually encourage our students to take on such experiences, which contribute to building valuable skills in the job market such as self-organisation, punctuality and resilience.”

Mitchell Davies, Law School Director, said:

“This publication is very welcome and provides evidence of the relevance and importance of the Law School’s research output.

“The Law School encourages its staff to publish their research as evidence of the high calibre of work undertaken by TBLS staff.”


The article is available online at Paper copies of Ms. Panades’ article are available at the Law School’s library on request.

The Croatian International Relations Review is an academic journal focusing on interdisciplinary social science studies. The journal is supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and indexed in 40 scientific databases.


Laura Panades:  Tel: 945 00 77 (ext. 229)

Ms. Panades, local lecturer, unlocks Caymanian expertise via interviews

TRUMAN BODDEN LAW SCHOOL LLM Course Leader Laura Panades’ latest research has been published in The Round Table.

The Round Table is a leading, refereed journal on Commonwealth studies.  It covers important developments in law and policy.

This publication underwent a thorough double-blind peer review for quality assurance, and is evidence of the world-class skills of Cayman’s civil service.

Public Procurement regulates public purchases with the private sector. It affects more than CI$100 million yearly. It arrived onto Cayman’s shore three years ago. The system might be recent, but it is here to stay.

Cayman’s efforts are part of a good governance wave sweeping the Caribbean. However, they include unique features for our country.

This article features a round of interviews of local Government stakeholders. They provided valuable insight based on their experience. The interviews build on Miss Panades’ research expertise on local public procurement.

This research will feed into the LLM in International Finance module on the Law of Public-Private Partnerships at the Law School, covering comparative models of public procurement, including Cayman.

Laura Panades, LLM course leader and author of the research, said:

“This article draws from public procurement developments directly from those driving it forward.”

“Such insight is unprecedented in the study of Caymanian public procurement.”

Mitchell Davies, Law School Director, said:

“The article showcases the expertise of our Law School lecturers resulting in high-quality published research and their commitment to inform Caymanian society via the medium of legal education.”


The Round Table – Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is a top journal on Commonwealth law and policy.

The Round Table publications can be accessed via their website:

Paper copies of the article can also be provided at the Truman Bodden Law School on request.


Laura Panades:  

Tel: 945 00 77 (ext. 229)