Panades’ research featured in leading worldwide procurement conference

TBLS Lecturer Laura Panades was invited to present her latest research at an international conference in Nottingham, UK.

‘Public Procurement – Global Revolution’ is the leading worldwide conference on public procurement research.

It hosts top academics, policy makers, legislators and international organisations since 1997.

The conference takes place every two years.

This year, the conference focused on environmentally responsible procurement.

Ms Panades’ was invited to present her latest research.

Her latest work is a comprehensive study on Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) regulation in British Overseas Territories (BOTs).

PPPs represent innovative ways for the public and the private sector to design, fund and deliver public goods and services as a long-term partnership.

She concluded that PPPs in BOTs are centred on financial sustainability. This makes us different from other jurisdictions, where the focus is placed on innovative public goods and services.

This research is important to Cayman. The Integrated Solid Waste Management System, currently under negotiation, is expected to become Cayman’s first PPP.

The event was organised by the University of Nottingham, the leading UK University on public procurement.

The paper has now been accepted for publication in a top international journal and will be released in its Autumn edition.

Panades is extremely grateful to the Portfolio of Legal Affairs and the wider Cayman Islands Government for having sponsored her attendance.

Laura Panades, LLM course leader and author of the research, said:

“My research seeks to improve our understanding on how Cayman’s public money is spent.

 “It is my honour to further the Truman Bodden Law School’s international presence, and to show, whilst small, how mighty our jurisdiction is.”

Mitchell Davies, Law School director, said:

“International experiences like these showcase the great capabilities of the Law School’s teaching team.

“Laura’s research is very important for the financial sustainability of the Cayman Islands, and to show the world how Cayman engages with modern legal trends.”


Laura Panades